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We are offering new and unique solutions to our customers. We are providing services such as densification and dust-proofing in India for a long time now. Our company is equipped with the latest technology that would include nanotechnologies and other reactive colloidal silica technologies that assist in making our jobs easier.

What is Dust Proofing?

Dust proofing is a blend of inorganic polymer materials, penetrating slab concrete for increasing the density of the surface and its hardness. Using a proprietary manufacturing process, our experts have the right expertise and knowledge to conduct all the procedures smoothly and penetrate the materials deep into the concrete surfaces.

Procedures will include the formulation of materials with uniform and concentrated nano-sized particles that are suspended in the surface tension liquids and then are penetrated deep into the concrete surfaces.


The advantages of implementing all these procedures on the concrete floors will help in making the surface hard, making it water resistance, and fork lifting traffic. It is based on water and is considered to be environmentally friendly.

Our experts will help you in creating the best quality of floors that not only looks appealing but also serves the purposes. All the densifiers utilized in alkali-metal compounds that are called silicates, are of high-end quality and will last for a longer duration in time.

Performance Advantages

Here are some essential benefits to choosing us:

  • Improving the reactivity and stability of the materials.
  • Floors will not be peeling off soon
  • Reduces dusting to a greater extent.